Book a Skellig Michael Landing Tour

Explore Skellig Michael Island

  • 45 minute trip to Skellig Michael Island
  • Two and a half hours to explore the island’s incredible scenery, monastic settlement and iconic wildlife.
  • Climb the 618 steps to the ancient 6th Century monastery and hear the history of this incredible place.
  • See the Wailing Woman, Christ’s Saddle and other iconic locations from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens

More details are provided in the General and Itinerary tabs of our booking system below or on our Skellig Michael Landing Tour page.

Online Booking

Please note: We take your credit card details for security purposes only. Payment for the trip is in cash at the reception area of the Moorings Guesthouse in Portmagee.

Important June 2018 Update

We have extremely limited availability for the rest of the season due to the extraordinary popularity of landing tour visits this year.

In fact, at this stage of the booking season, landing tour seats are extremely limited for the next two months across the entire fleet. We hope you can find an available landing tour with us or another boat but, if you’re planning on visiting Skellig Michael within the next two months, and don’t already have a place secured, we fear you may be disappointed in your search and strongly advise you to consider booking a Skellig Michael Eco Tour as your next best option. This tour goes right up close to the island allowing you to see and hear about the history of this amazing place as well as the beautiful Skellig Coast and its abundant sea and bird life. We also recommend you book soon as these tours are also beginning to fill up. Seats on the Eco Tour are also available to book in the booking engine below or you can read more details about the Skellig Michael Eco Tour here.